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The following lists give full publication information of Festschriften, conference proceedings, collected works of individual authors, and other collections of articles archived in TOCS-IN. As with journal issues in TOCS-IN, review articles are included, book reviews are not, but we do give links to online reviews of the collections (usually in BMCR).

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Or do a special book search at TOCS-IN searches, using "book" in the Jrl/Book field. Enter the authors/editors of the volume under Author and/or keywords for the title of the volume in the Article field.

Special thanks to Alain Meurant, to the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, and to Mike Grieneisen for supplying so many of the collections.

If you would be willing to format for TOCS-IN the table of contents of a recent volume of collected articles on ancient Mediterranean topics, one not already in the archive, please get in touch with Philippa Matheson.

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Date: Aug 8, 2010