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Papers on Amphora Topics

These are papers written on amphora topics by or with the people who worked with Virginia Grace.

We are grateful to the publishers for permission to present this material in a new format.


Matheson and Koehler 1990 "Imports of Knidian Wine to Athens, Corinth, and Delos". Talk given at the AIA meetings December 1990. Unpublished.
Full text.
Koehler 1992"A Brief Typology and Chronology of Corinthian Transport Amphoras [Obshchaia tipologiia i khronologia korinfskikh transportnykh amfor]" Greek Amphoras [Grecheskie amfory] (Saratov University Press, 1992 Saratov) 265-279
Full article, English version (published in Russian).
Koehler and Matheson 2004 "Knidian Amphora Chronology" in Eiring, Jonas; Lund, John (eds) Transport Amphorae and Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. Acts of the International Colloquium at the Danish Institute at Athens, September 26–29, 2002. Monograph of the Danish Institute at Athens 5. Aarhus University Press (2004), p163-169.
Full article.